Sunday, 9:45AM - 12:00PM for the duration of the scholastic year. Click Here for full calendar.


Chabad of Arlington & The Mid-Cities

Annual Tuition:

$600 - Payment plans & scholarships are available

$35 - Book Fee

First Taste Program: Ages 4-6:

First Taste is designed to grab a child's attention with song, art, drama, and games. By exposure to the aleph-bet, Torah tales, prayer through song and holiday studies, a child gains a sense of pride and love for Judaism.

Tier II: Ages 7-10:

This program offers a more advanced Hebrew and Jewish studies curriculum. Students learn to read Hebrew and gain an appreciation for the who, what, and why of Jewish Life and tradition.


Tier III: Ages 11-13:

  • New for this year!!! Special Program:
  • Round Table discussions with the Rabbi!
  • Special Guest Speakers!
  • Buddy system for Aleph Champ!
  • Helping Hands!
  • and much more!