Rabbi Levi Gurevitch, was born in Brooklyn, NY where he studied Talmud and Chassidic philosophy through high school. He continued his education in Yeshivot in Israel and Russia and went on to earn a rabbinic degree in Jewish Law and Ethics while studying in Miami, FL. Growing up in the neighborhood of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Levi was inspired by the Rebbe’s continued calls to reach out and draw Jewish people into the joys of their heritage.
Mrs. Rishi Gurevitch, also a native of Brooklyn, developed her strong passion for community involvement in the always-open home of her parents. After completing her Jewish studies in Brooklyn, she taught English and history in the local elementary school and Jewish tradition in a Long Island, NY Hebrew School. As one of the younger children in a large family, Rishi spent the summers and vacations of her teen years assisting her eight older siblings who lead Jewish communities in Argentina, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and California.
At the request of the Chabad centers in Dallas-Fort Worth and with the enthusiastic blessing from members of the community, the Gurevitch’s moved to the area in August, 2008. They have made it their mission to meet as many Jewish residents as possible and invite them into their hearts, home and heritage.