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The Writing of a Torah

The writing of a new Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll) - to be housed in the Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark) of a synagogue and read from during services - is a monumental undertaking. Requiring that each of its 304,805 letters be meticulously handscribed by a qualified Sofer, or scribe, in accordance with an age-old tradition and hundreds of applicable laws, it is a project requiring many months of arduous and precise labor. As the final commandment recorded in the Five Books of Moses, the writing of a Torah is also a project of transcendent spiritual significance - lending eternal merit to all involved in its facilitation.

We invite you to join in this auspicious mitzvah by endowing a letter, portion or selected sections of the Unity Torah. You can dedicate a selection for yourself, family or friend. You may choose to mark a personal milestone, a personal simcha, a special occasion, birthday, Yartzeit, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah portion, etc. In the merit of this sacred mitzvah, may A-lmighty Gā€‘d send His blessings to you and your loved ones and may we see them fulfilled in a tangible revealed manner.

Please unite with us in bringing the first Torah to Chabad of Arlington & The Mid-Cities!

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