Let's bake Challah together!!!
Second Thursday of every month!
Join Jewish woman to bake delicious Challah!
There will be a new recipe each month and refreshments and wine :-) come and bring a friend!
This Thursday's menu:
Our seriously easy and amazing 'Whole wheat Wonder Challah' with parsley and garlic!!
+ receive a delicious parsley dip take home gift (tastes heaven with our homemade challah!)
at the Challah Baking Club Thursday, November 10

Learn more and RSVP 
  [email protected] 
Location: private home - will be given out with rsvp
This month's Challah Baking Club is sponsored in honor of all the October & November birthdays!!!
Suggested Donation $10
To sponsor or to host December's Challah Bake contact Rishi 
  817 933 2877