What are the technical requirements for this virtual camp? 

You will need a computer with internet access. You will also need access to Zoom either via a browser or by downloading the software to your computer. As this is an interactive camp, a connected webcam is required.

What are the other requirements?

Basic crafting materials that you probably have at home already. We will provide a full list. Additionally, we will be sending you an Activity Box that will include all unique materials that are required for the activities we will be doing.

Will I need to support my child during the camp?

We have designed camp to be accessible to children with no parent participation required! 

What safety protocols are in place?

We have fully control over the virtual platform and sessions will be private to camp attendees only.

What if there are technical difficulties?

You will be invited to a "technical troubleshoot" session on the Sunday prior to your child's camp. This will be a great opportunity to become familiar with the platform.

If my child misses a day, will they be able to catch up? 


Can I register for one week at a time?

Yes. Each week will have its own Activity Box and programming. 

By when do I need to register?

The earlier the better so that we can properly plan. However, in order for us to be able to get you the Activity Box in time we need you to register your child/ren at least one week in advance.